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Thyroid Dysfunction

Thyroid disorders are very common and generally overlooked. Thyroid metabolism is sensitive to the slightest alterations in metabolism. Thyroid hormones synthesis is altered by progesterone, autoimmunity, essential fatty acid metabolism, testosterone, estrogen and cortisol. The thyroid gland is a very important gland located in the front of the neck. It secretes several life sustaining hormones directly into the circulation. The activity of the gland in normal individuals is controlled by the pituitary gland in the brain.  The thyroid hormones control energy production in the powerhouse (mitochondria) of our body cells.  Those hormones contain iodine and include the two pivotal and metabolically active hormones called Thyroxine, T4 and Triiodothyronine, T3.


Major Functions Of Thyroid Hormone's

1. Metabolic Rate:

Thyroid hormone is known to increase the metabolic rate thus affording an optimal body temperature.

2. Carbohydrate Metabolism:

Thyroid hormones stimulate all aspects of carbohydrate processing in the body.  They increase the rate of glucose absorption from the bowel and promote secretion of insulin.

3. Fat Metabolism:

Thyroid hormones mobilize fat for the body's energy needs.  This causes the person to lose fat. For this reason, long-term hyperthyroidism causes wasting of the body.

4. Effect On Vitamins:

An increase in thyroid activity leads to rapid utilization of vitamins and cofactors. This can lead to marginal or out right vitamin deficiencies.

5. Effect On Sexual Function:

Both reduced and excessive thyroid hormone levels lead to reduced libido in both sexes.  Additionally, in women with low thyroid hormone levels, persistent and excessive vaginal bleeding is common.

6. Effect On Sleep:

Because of the exhausting effect of thyroid hormone on the musculature and central nervous system, hyperthyroid people often feel tired, yet they cannot sleep well.  On the other hand low thyroid causes sleepiness throughout the day.


Typical Symptoms Of Low Thyroid Function (Hypothyroid)

1.      Fatigue

2.      Increase in weight gain even with low calorie diet

3.      Morning headaches that wear off as the day progressed

4.      Depression

5.      Constipation

6.      Hypersensitivity to cold weather

7.      Poor circulation and numbness in hands and feet

8.      Muscle cramps while at rest

9.      Catches cold and other virus/bacteria easily and has difficulty recovering

10. Wounds heal slow

11. Excessive amounts of sleep required to function properly

12. Chronic digestive problems

13. Itchy dry skin


Typical Symptoms Of Overactive Thyroid Function (Hyperthyroid)

1.      Heart palpitations

2.      Increased pulse even at rest

3.      Nervous and emotional

4.      Insomnia

5.      Night sweats

6.      Difficulty gaining weight

7.      Bowel hyperactivity

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