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Live Cell Analysis

Nutritional Microscopy

live_cell_anal1.gifYour blood shows the condition of your health! Microscopy is the science of analyzing the blood at the cellular level using a Darkfield/Phase Contrast microscope. One drop of blood (from a finger stick) is magnified 1500 times and shows 5 million blood cells. These blood cells reveal nutritional deficiencies before they manifest as sickness or disease.

One drop of blood from a finger stick contains over five million living blood cells and represents the blood's condition throughout the whole body. Blood is essential for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the body and for removing waste. If blood cells are damaged or compromised, then the body cannot function properly as the immune system becomes taxed, resulting in sickness and disease. Any number of factors can lead to blood cell damage, such as:

  • Air or water contamination
  • Allergy and toxicity
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Enzyme deficiencies
  • Free radical damage
  • Digestive disorders caused by fat and sugar
  • Lack of friendly bacteria
  • Stress!



live_cell_anal2.jpgMicroscopy has been embraced as one of the most useful developments in science. Our technology is bringing this cost effective scientific test directly to you, the public, in order to help you evaluate your own health and well-being.

A trained microscopist will show you your blood conditions on a color computer monitor simultaneously, as he/she views your blood through the microscope. You will instantly see the actual condition of your blood and how it compares to normal, healthy blood - with no waiting for results, and the procedure is done in house!

Upon completion of the test, you will be given a treatment protocol to follow. It is specifically designed for you, to help reverse any of the health-threatening conditions which are discovered. The results are also incorporated into the rest of your treatment plan at The MultiCare Clinic. For further information on this technology please click here.

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