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The Art of Natural Medicine Injection

What is Biopuncture & Mesotherapy?

biopuncture1.jpgBiopuncture & Mesotherapy uses small needles to inject miniature amounts of natural remedies into acupuncture and trigger points or into the skin (mesoderm). These techniques allow for slow assimilation of the natural medicinal products into the bodies cellular matrix. This powerful treatment is similar to and based on the principles practiced in mesotherapy in Europe.  Until recently this amazing treatment was unavailable in the U.S. Biopuncture & Mesotherapy stimulates your body’s own healing mechanisms speeding up the process of injury recovery and in the case of anti-aging, natural rejuvenation/repair.  Biopuncture & Mesotherapy also allows the practitioner to melt fat, shape tissues and eliminate cellulite, reduce pain and inflammation; all with SAFE natural remedies. These techniques are oftentimes referred to as biomesotherapy. The term "biopuncture" was coined by Jan Kersschot, MD, a physician from Belgium in 1991. The concept of “mesotherapy” was founded by French physician Michel Pistor, MD, in 1952. Both techniques have wide application in treating illness and for esthetic medicine.

The greatest aspect of Biopuncture & Mesotherapy is that there is no down-time from surgery and no recovery time necessary. For example, in the case of facial beauty and body rejuvenation applications, most patients experience noticeable changes within the first visit, but 6 to 10 visits may be necessary to achieve the complete desired result.  “Booster” treatments may be necessary at 3 month intervals. In regards to treating an area of pain, results can be seen within 3 to 6 sessions.


Who Would Benefit From This Procedure?

Biopuncture and Mesotherapy are clearly not just used for the treatment of pain. Anyone who wants to delay the process of aging and wants to look and feel younger should consider Biopuncture and Mesotherapy. There is a variety of conditions where this technique can be used including:

  • Arthritis
  • Weight Loss
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Body Shaping
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Anti-Aging Treatments
  • Non-Surgical Face Life
  • Improving Muscle Tone
  • Improving Fat Elimination
  • Post Herpetic Neuralgia
  • Painful Joints and Muscles
  • Enhancing Sluggish Metabolisms
  • Acute and Chronic Pain Conditions
  • Reducing the Inflammatory Response
  • Targeted Nutritional Supplementation
  • Relief From a Variety of Skin Disorders


Where Are These Injections Given?

biopuncture2.jpgMost people - especially those who are apprehensive about injections because they may have had bad experiences with injections in their childhood - are surprised how easily and quickly these injections are given. In fact, these injections cannot be compared with the ‘usual’ injections given in conventional medicine. They are not as painful as a ‘normal’ injection because the needle used is very fine and the quantity injected is very small. Indeed, they look more like little pinpricks. Most of them are given into or just under the skin; others are given into specific muscle points. One does not give the injections arbitrarily, but the injections are administered in carefully chosen spots. The place where your physician injects the product is as important as the product itself. Some of these points are trigger points or acupuncture points. Injections around joints are also common as are injection into the skin for facial beauty and body rejuvenation enhancements. For more on anti-aging injection techniques please visit The Natural Anti-Aging Clinics Website.

A lot of these injections are given at more than one spot during each session. For example, when you have pain in your elbow, your physician will look for several painful spots in your arm muscles, and inject each of them in one session. If facial rejuvenation is desired then several injections will be given to the acupuncture points on face, and so on. So in most cases, several little injections are given in a specific zone (or in several areas) of the body at each session.


Are There Disadvantages?

There are disadvantages that you should be aware of. Since the products used in Biopuncture and Mesotherapy are diluted, they are not as ‘strong’ as conventional medication (e.g. painkillers, cortisone, Botox ®), and so they are not as effective in the short term. This means that you may need several sessions before any result is observed. And if you have had problems for several months or even years, it means looking for deeper causes and working on these. When you realize that these products are natural products that do not show any major side effects, you will be motivated to be more patient than usual. In the long run, however, the results of this form of natural medicine can be longer lasting because your physician tries to work on a deeper level since the products used stimulate the body’s natural healing responses.


What About The Safety And Efficacy Of These Techniques?

It is clear that your acupuncture physician, who decides to use Biopuncture and Mesotherapy, will always do so according to the latest technical standards. That is his or her duty as a medical professional. This includes a correct injection technique, and of course the use of sterile disposable material. The latter means that the needle has never been in contact with any other patient and that any transmission of disease (e.g. hepatitis, AIDS) is impossible. This should give you confidence in the safety of the techniques. Additionally your acupuncture physician is trained and certified in acupuncture injection therapy, mesotherapy, and cosmetic acupuncture.

It is true that most ampoules only have low concentrations of plant and other natural extracts. As a result, serious side effects are excluded. So there is no a reason to worry or be concerned about this type of therapy. Additionally, the ampoules used in Biopuncture & Mesotherapy are manufactured by companies that can guarantee the production quality of their products. Most of the ampoules used for injection are made in Europe and are submitted to very strict quality control regulations and systems. The Europeans are famous for being definitive in this matter. In other words, both the technique and the products match today’s standards of quality and safety.


When Are Biopuncture And Mesotherapy Not Appropriate?

biopuncture3.jpgBiopuncture & Mesotherapy cannot heal you from cancer, a heart attack or AIDS. Nor is it appropriate to treat you when you have high blood pressure, diabetes, depression or epilepsy. In some cases, the disease is too serious or too aggressive, and can only be stopped through conventional medication or surgery. Your acupuncture physician will confirm this. When serious damage has already occurred, Biopuncture & Mesotherapy is simply too late to reverse the damage and bring the body back into balance again.


What Is The Course Of Treatment?

The course of treatment begins with an examination. In addition, other factors are taken into consideration such as weight or other health issues. A holistic plan will be put in place in order to maximize the results of the treatments. The course of the treatment is for a pain condition can be 5 to 10 sessions depending on the condition. Aesthetic treatments can oftentimes be 7 -10 sessions depending upon what is being treated. Treatments are generally given one to two times weekly for best results. Each individual will respond different to the treatment depending on their age and lifestyle. Periodic maintenance or “Booster” treatments may be needed. Click here for a demonstration.


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